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There are advertisers on all other Nerdist media offerings and Levin expects to have them on soon.

Upcoming Nerdist ventures include Hardwick’s summer Comedy Central comedy special, televised versions of the podcast for BBC America, a U. comedy tour, a film and TV production company, and publishing imprint.

It was as though I was saying, ‘I’m not being offered jobs, but if I were, I’m only taking ones involving science.’ How do you cut down a pie that already equals zero? ”When a job came along, I would only take it if it was in the wheelhouse of the audience I was trying to reach. I saw a young generation of nerds just blossoming and expressing themselves.

I had gone from taking any old job to taking jobs that connected to each other. It was never like that when I was growing up.”Hardwick was also frustrated by old media’s separatist attitude, which wasn’t open to community building, content sharing, and cross-promotion between platforms. Each sector [of entertainment] was completely blind to the others. “Technology forced them to take notice that media is not one horizontal delivery system.

He arranged a deal with convention producer Reed Pop to produce a pre-New York Comic Con business conference, White Space (which premiered last October), and future event content for NYCC and its Chicago convention, C2E2.

And, he came up with Course of the Force, a Lucasfilm-partnered, Make-A-Wish Foundation fundraiser, five-day traveling festival and cosplay relay run from Los Angeles to San Diego Comic Con.

Some topics he says may be possible themes include special effects, '80s comedies and sci-fi.

"We're wating for [co-host] Jenny [Mc Carthy] ...

The site is about something bigger than me, but it’s my point of view, and I can promote my shows.“Between stand-up comedy and TV gigs, Hardwick ran the site himself for 18 months, eventually adding a podcast, until it got big enough for him to hire a full-time editor.

While the site still wasn’t generating enough traffic for ad dollars, Hardwick began noticing a change in the audience demographics of his stand-up shows.

“I was just the snarky white guy who used to be on MTV. With the explosion of broadband and hundreds of channels, the media industry flipped from “a top-down to a bottom-up culture of niche consumers,” he added.

“I had an unusual combination of qualifications–stand-up, hosting, and I loved science and technology.

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After about 15 minutes this shock of blonde hair [appears]." She had clogged her toilet on the first day and spent that time figuring out how to fix it before asking if someone had a plunger. PHOTOS: Midseason 2013: TV's Newest Series (Later in the afternoon, Mc Carthy countered Hardwick's story by offering her own: According to the new VH1 late-night host, she shared that the evening before an early taping, she burned her hotel down -- literally.) But on to the series, which will be in the form of a comedy/variety talk show.

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